6 comments on “Topic 5: What does the shift towards open access implies?

  1. Hey Patrick,

    Your content never fails to amaze me each time!

    Answering to your question, I agree that the advantages are too vital to be ignored nowadays. Like what I mentioned in my post, research allows us to learn beyond our degree. And don’t you think informal learning is becoming incrementally important, especially for the early school leavers, unemployed, or those that did not receive formal training. Reason being, in this digital era, I believe that we have to continuously upgrade ourselves with skills and knowledge to remain competitive in the working world. Maybe you will be interested to take a look at this article. ((http://www.oecd.org/fr/edu/apprendre-au-dela-de-l-ecole/recognitionofnon-formalandinformallearning-home.htm).

    Secondly, I realized that most of us are talking about articles or journals. Since I embarked on the scope towards Marketing Research, open access to data is equally important? For example, if there is no data provided to your hypothesis or conclusions, will it still prove the reliability or validity of the information? I hope to hear your views on this.

    Anyway, just a suggestion, maybe you can explore how open access benefits us, students as well! (:


  2. Hi Pat,

    Really nice post you got here. The advantages of open access(OA) which you pointed out really interested me. Informal learning truly is something that can benefit employees in future. However, there are growing concerns of having OA content, the quality of the content is also questionable as shown in this Hoax publication. Which raises concerns on the peer review system as mentioned in my post.

    Knowing that the internet may produce such content, would you still consider informal learning over the web to be reliable?

    I like that you mentioned kickstarter, something i have considered in the past as well. However, there have been scams on kickstarter that happened before and it being a “pre-paid” sort of service, how much can you trust the people involved in the project?

    I look forward to your replies and thank you for your insightful post. 🙂




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