3 comments on “Topic 4: Is it Ethical for Brands to incorporate user generated contents under their names?

  1. Hey Patrick,

    I have to agree with you on the perspective that you shared on your blog. Eventually the “benefits of user-generated comments (UGC) would outweigh the ethical issues highlighted.” Especially so, as we are living in an age where the usage of social media is very heavy.

    Having UGC would be most beneficial for companies; as it not only allows interaction between the brand and the consumer, it also promotes brand loyalty. Therefore, I feel that it maybe considered as “more ethical” than having bloggers to be paid to blog and advertise about a certain brand. UGC are genuine comments made by customers, who have personally and willingly bought and tried the products first hand.

    As for the point where an ethical issue of storing participant’s work for future use, as long as the company remembers to credit the participant then there should not be any big issue.

    Thanks for the good and interesting read!(:

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