5 comments on “Topic 3: How does an authentic professional identity relates to entrepreneurship?

  1. Hi Patrick, great job you have done
    From your post i get a new insight regarding linking our features to our targeted audiences which is our employer. You also show me a great example of creative resume.
    On your last section, you mention we must be truthful. Regarding this, how will you tackle your past online footprint ? are you going to leave it there or clean it up to create a professional image ?
    Looking forward for your reply, cheers !


    • Good Afternoon Silviania,

      How’s everything going? It had been quite sometime since we last met 🙂

      Anyways, I did mentioned a little bit about wiping off posts or photos by self assessing. We wouldn’t want our potential employees to dig out a photo which was taken from 5 years ago and judge our present self based on it. The past of an individual shouldn’t be a representation of his or her present state!

      We have to be truthful to what we post by being able to justify them in the areas such as our skill sets and work related experiences. But concurrently, it is a also a must to keep in mind of what we wish to present to our audience. A teacher for example, might have a very happening night life and engage in activities such as smoking, but there is a need to maintain a positive image not just for his or her employees but the students and their parents as well!

      To me, by attempting to remove your digital footprints is essential and such intentions isn’t really motivated from being dishonest and untruthful towards others. Just a few cents of my thoughts! Hope it answer your queries!

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  2. Hey Patrick,

    First, let me start off by saying great job in distinguishing the different attributes to developing a professional online profile. For example, creativity, authenticity, and professionalism. In addition, the use of images and videos were well established. I really enjoyed watching Nick Belling’s video. He offered a variety of interesting ideas on how to develop a personal brand. In relation to that, did you know I was an IT student prior to this programme? I was involved in a R&D project, and I developed Android mobile applications for secondary institutional students to use and learn. If you’re intrigued to know more, feel free to ask me (:

    Personally, I like how you brought entrepreneurship into this topic, and you stated the positive association between company brand and the probability of success. Perhaps, you could have elaborated further on how does that establish trust?

    One last question, of all the 5 attributes you stated in your blogpost, which of them is the most important to you? Why?


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