10 comments on “Topic 2: Pros and Cons of Multiple Online Identities from a management perspective

  1. Hey Patrick!

    A very well-written and relevant post! The inclusion of real-life examples aid greatly in my understanding of this topic. You’ve mentioned that single online identity represents authenticity, however, your last paragraph on the integrity of data contradicts your belief. I do agree that single online identity has a higher chance of providing more accurate information on the internet user but it might not necessary be accurate for all individuals. For example, if I’m using the social media platforms solely for professional purposes, the persona that I create may not to be true in reality as I may try to impress my future employer by displaying differing actions from my usual behaviours. Furthermore, it’s great that you’ve pointed out Facebook support authentic profiles. I almost forgot about that. Definitely a point for me to note! Apart from that, I’ve also realized that many websites/online applications have integrated social media plug-ins! Your spotify example clearly explained this point! Overall, I enjoyed reading your post! It will be good if you’re able to give more of your personal opinion on this! 🙂

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    • Hi Audrey,

      Thank you for your views! I guessed I should had been more precise with my sentence structure. I had made some minor amendments to my last paragraph as I am trying to draw an assumption that single identity creates authenticity while multiple identities creates anonymity and move a little deeper into the context of digital marketing today. My bad!

      I agree with you that with your views on how extreme can authenticity be achieved via a single identity, in my opinion, everyone is guilty of showing the positive side of ourselves be it in real life or in the digital world and my point of view had not taken fully into account of people who are using the social media platforms solely for professional purposes!

      Ahh. Isn’t this module interesting? 🙂


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  3. Hi Patrick,

    What an enjoyable read! First and foremost, I would like to say I exceptionally appreciate the way you weight both the pros and cons of having multiple online identities, from the perspective of online marketers/marketing effort – which is really relevant to what we are ultimately studying about: digital marketing. This gave me a very clear and fresh view of the effects of having multiple identities which can be effectively managed for business efforts such as data-mining, which I have overlooked in my post.

    You mentioned that having one online identity represents authenticity. However, how about the notion that maybe a single online identity can backfire on data-mining efforts as users who only stick to a single identity online may be putting on a facade due to the scrutiny of others online – a possible effort to preserve a good image for career prospects. For instance, Zalora may host a Facebook poll on fashion preference, and Jane who doesn’t want her employers having a poor impression of her (results are shared automatically on ‘wall’), may consciously alter her choices to fit an image she is comfortable people seeing her in. In this case, she may pick a tailored midi skirt which signifies classy rather than the tight bandage skirt that she prefers which may come off as ‘trashy’. As such, Zalora may end up with inaccuracies in its data-mining efforts for users like Jane. Just my two-cents’ worth, what do you think? :o)

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    • Hi Jasmine,

      Welcome to my blog! Thank you for spending time to read my post thoroughly! In fact, the question posed by you was pretty similar to Audrey’s and I do agree that the hypothesis of authenticity as a determinant of possessing a single identity online requires much more justifications.

      In fact, studies had shown that even photos displayed on a personal Facebook account might not necessary enhance authenticity as the owner may had filtered and self select the photos to display or the account might potentially be fake with malicious intentions to commit crime.

      Hence these are factors which we may consider when we are studying the relationship between authenticity and possessing a single online identity.

      A great brain storming session and review of what I had learned so far. Thank you!

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  6. “On the other hand, by possessing multiple identities, integrity of data would prove to be a challenge for marketers in the area of data-mining as not everyone is genuine on the web these day.”

    This is something that I’m totally agree with.
    In my own blog, I also wrote about the advantages of having only a single identity.
    And how it will be beneficial for the marketer when it comes to the data-mining and marketing.
    To the casual reader, it might appear that there’s only advantages for the marketer since this sort of data-mining seem to only put the end-user at a losing end.
    But your example on Spotify really hit the spot and challenge this belief.
    That is a good example of when the information is used in a way that is advantageous to the end-user.

    Good read! Hope to see more soon! 😉

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    • Hi Edward,

      I see you really accepted my “challenge” 🙂

      Of course there are much more potential advantages for possessing multiple online identities, as mentioned from my post an example would be it helping to generate anonymity.

      Marketers can work into areas such as studying non-expressed needs of a individuals which they do not wish to disclose, coping with certain problems such as gambling addictions and changing puberty stages. Places like forum would be the best place to draw themselves closer to these group of potential consumers.

      Whereas in the aspect of society, these people can be helped through advises and motivation given online.

      Possessing multiple online identities help us in portraying the professional image which companies are seeking out for as well. Which ironically, is what we are doing right now in conjunction with the module, to build our own digital identity / portfolio!

      Thank you for your comments! It’s great to have you around here!

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